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Jivan Kutir
  • Home For Aged People
    One more expedition intended to serve the society
    ‘Jansahayak Trust’ has established a well a facilitated ‘Saandhya Jeevan Kutir‘(Home for the Aged People) with a view to enable the aged people live independent and respectful life.
    The newly built, ‘ Saandhya Jeevan Kutir ‘ has its own identity in the sprawling campus of ‘Hiramani with 108 rooms in two blocks. The building has two floors with the facility of lifts. Each floor is facilitated with water-purifier R.O. plants and water cooler. It also has the availability of hot water.
    It can accommodate 336 aged people in its 84 rooms with 4 persons in each room. It accommodates 24 aged persons in its 12 rooms with 2 persons in each room. It accommodates 12 person in its 12 rooms with one in each room. In all 372 aged people can share their feelings and warmth for one another in the building.
    84 rooms in the building , with 4 persons in each room are facilitated with common telephone and loud speakers serving the prayer songs, 12 rooms with 1 person each are facilitated with A.C., Television and Telephone.
    All the rooms are with attached toilet bathroom and facilitated with fans, beds, bed-spreads, cushions, blankets, cupboard, chairs, teapoy, buckets and tumblers along with a small-sized personal cupboard for each.
    250 people can be served at a time with pure and nutritious food in its very well built dining hall with dining tables.
    6 large rooms with television sets, 6 common rooms and 6 rooms are allotted for Yoga and meditation. A separate arrangement is made for indoor and outdoor games. People living here are provided with an extention-counter of ADC Bank for monetary transactions. They can also avail laundry facility.
    People here, can enjoy religious and saintly speeches and hymns in a well-built Community Hall with echoistic and sound proof volume system. The central library is equipped with 3000 books and magazines related to spiritual field and worship along with books of General Knowledge and Science. Occasionally, picnics and tours are arranged for resident aged people to nearby holy places.
    An economic monthly rate of Rs 1500 each is kept for the 4 persons haring one room, well equipped with all the modern facilities. The monthly rate of Rs 7000 each is kept for a person availing a personal room single seater room with A.C. Telephone, Television, and Speaker. The monthly rate for 2 persons staying in a room with A.C., T.V. intercom and speaker is Rs. 9000 ( 4500 x 2).
    To make the entire campus beautiful and lush – green, 17000 plants have been planted alongwith flower plants, swings, open air stage , walking tracks and flashing electricity poles make the campus more beautiful like Nandanvan provides the aged people with relief and comforts.
    In House Hospital
    The entire ‘ Hiramani Parivar is facilitated with a very well-equipped building for the ‘ Hospital ‘ where a full – time qualified and residential doctor is appointed. An arrangements of the ‘ Centre for Physiotherapy ‘ and a Health Centre (Gymnasium) is made for the people staying there, along with Pathological Test Room and tow words for the indoor patients, Dental-care Unit is set for dental treatment. A team of specialized doctors will be available as pr the need. Very well equipped ‘ Ambulance ‘ is available round the clock. Residential Quarters are provided to the doctors, nurses and ward – boys in the campus itself.
    The Temple with Pinnacle
    A pinnacled temple has been constructed in the campus itself nearby ‘ Saandhya Jeevan Kutir ‘ for the aged people. In this grand pinnacled temple the idols of
    Lord Krishna and Radhika , Shakar – Parvati, Lord Rama – Sita and Laxman , Shrinathji , Sahajanand Swami , Saibaba (Shirdi ) , Jalaram , Lord Ganesha , Hanumanji , Goddess Saraswati , Ambaji , Boot Bhavani, Gayatri, Mahakaali , Umiyaji, Bahucharaji , Bhadrakaali , Khodiyar and Santoshi with Baliya Dev and Devi Padmavati. The idols of Indra, Varun , Kuber and Yam, Gautam Buddha and Vishwakarma are also included.
    The temple serves as the center for spirituality where Bhajan-Kirtans and religious festivals will be celebrated with great zeal, including the arrangements of Katha.
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