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  • Hiramani Institute of Media Education and Research was established in the year 1999. In the first year, institute started P.G. Diploma course in Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with the approval of Gujarat University vide notification no. 28 of 2001. The Institute got recognition of University for Study, Research and guidance in
    the subject of journalism and Mass Media ( Including Communication, Advertising and P.R .) Dr. Chandrakant Mehta former ProVice-Chancellor / vice chancellor of Gujarat university is the director of Hiramani Institute of Media Education and Research.

    The most important and revolutionary changes in mass media, have occurred with the arrival of the satellite communication and ushering in of the internet age. Beside, radical transformation brought in printing technology, ably pported by computers, the dawn of facsimile and email have completely altered the mass media scene in the entire world. Every medium of mass communication has assumed tremendous potential & immense power to become an effective science and art and a veritable academic discipline. It is therefore, bounden responsibility of Hiramani Institute of Media Education and research (Ahmedabad) to provide a adequately modern facilities for learning, teaching and research in these ever developing programmes. Today, all media of mass communication are taking rapid strides in their respective areas of operation what Marshall Mcluhan predicted several year ago, has become a reality.
    The world has indeed become a global village. Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, films…. everything is available instantly all over the world just for the asking. Including Gujarat, India is no exception. In fact among all the developing nations, India’s mass media are perhaps most progressive and can very favourable be compared with the best in the world anywhere.

    As University Grants commission, New Delhi, has already mentioned in its recent model curriculum for mass communication that rapid expansion in the industry in India has also taken place in a big way. Several new newspapers and magazines have come into being. Also, electronic media have surged forward. Along with print journalism, radio and television have also started expanding. Advertising industry and public relations corporates have attained added importance. The concept of mass communication has arrived in the real sense of the them.
    Hiramani institutes of Media Education and Research intends to provide training and education programme for the generation's media career.
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